Truck Cap

Cap it off

阿里彩票登陆平台 Ashland products can help you put a lid on it - your truck that is.  Ashland, like many companies, provides products, but we go the extra mile to offer training and technique to ensure proper application of our products.  And, our analytical testing services can help you continue to put your best foot forward by delighting your customers. Our products and ability to solve combined with your application and customer service are a winning combination. Our teams are at the ready to get you set to go to market.

Product Benefits

Enguard™ PR series sanding gelcoats     

  • Low porosity
  • Fast curing
  • Easy to sand

Aropol™ LF 61301

  • Very reactive resin system for fast cycle times
  • Good surface profile with no post-cure distortion
  • Heavily filled >50% CaCO3
  • Painted automotive finish

Aropol™ Q 67700

  • Enhanced fatigue life
  • Enhanced surface profiles
  • 35% faster Barcol development
  • Optimal wet-out of glass fibers
  • Improved storage stability
  • Premium marine chemistry


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Aropol™ unsaturated polyester resins can be utilized in a wide range of manufacturing processes such as open mold laminating, bulk molding compounding, sheet molding compounding, resin transfer molding, pultrusion and infusion. Aropol resin technology provides high mechanical and impact properties and good surface profiling. Aropol resins can be customized to meet fabricators needs for varying reactivity, viscosity, gel time and exotherms.

Aropol? unsaturated polyester resins


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