what’s new at in-cosmetics Global 2019?

阿里彩票登陆平台 www.o1e1e.com.cn date: April 2-4, 2019
location: Paris, France
booth: J80

Who understands, "my beauty, my ritual"? 
We do. 

Ashland embraces the individuality of the beauty consumer and their daily rituals through new innovations that allows today’s brands to create purposeful formulations with proven benefits. Our solvers celebrate the desire for confidence-boosting products that enhance differences, speak to individual values and needs, and enable consumers to achieve the best version of themselves.

Take advantage of our Technical Seminars and sign up for our Formulation Session. Our new product launches, and details of our action-packed schedule are below.

Visit us at stand J80.






featured solutions

 incos19 vitalET web.jpg  incos19 patchouli web.jpg
 incos19 polipid umbrella web.jpg  incos19 procataline urban stress web.jpg
 incos19 blonde styleze web.jpg  incos19 cosmetics web.jpg

makeup bar

Come and check out cosmetics solutions to Strengthen your Core our back to basics range – premiering a highly pigmented foundation stick, creamy, full-coverage concealer, long wear, skin feeling foundation and make-up setting spray. Discover the texture and coverage hands on – even do a top up!

Ashland functional polymers strengthen makeup chassis by enabling long lasting, transfer resistant, water resistant, SPF boosting, pigment suspending, and/or more stable formulas.

Come and try our four applications on the Makeup Bar.

  • silicone-free, paraben-free, full-coverage, creamy, and comfortable concealer with Antaron™ V-216 polymer and Flexithix™ polymer
  • oil-free, long-wear, paraben-free, highly pigmented foundation stick SPF 40 with Antaron™ WP-660 and V-216 polymers
  • long wear, uneven skin tone correcting, pleasant skin feeling foundation with Antaron™ Sensory polymer and Ultrathix™ polymer
  • makeup setting spray with Antaron™ Sensory polymer

innovation zone

Ashland is once again sponsoring the very popular Innovation Zone, make sure you drop by to take a look at Ashland’s latest innovations! 

Ashland celebrates 80 years of innovation with polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP)

An innovative and versatile chemistry that continues to solve challenges in home care and personal care 80 years on. Take a trip back in time with our green screen selfie booth, as we celebrate 80 years of our iconic PVP ingredient. 



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