who creates a scenstual experience?

captivates? A fragrance encapsulates

阿里彩票登陆平台 www.o1e1e.com.cn the next generation of touch activated fragrance delivery

Captivates? A encapsulates are made using a novel fragrance encapsulation process that delivers unsurpassed efficacy in fragrance intensity and longevity.  The microscopic encapsulates deposit on the fabric fibers while holding their integrity throughout the rigors of the washing and drying process or from spray application.  During daily use of fabric, the capsules rupture releasing bursts of fragrance and freshness to delight consumers.

how does it work on odors?
In addition to delivering fragrance to mask and cover up unpleasant smell, Captivates? A encapsulates utilize malodor control agents to eliminate odors.


what applications can it be used for?
The encapsulates can provide benefits in multiple applications to delight consumers. Encapsulates are available for laundry detergents, fabric softeners, fragrance boosters and surface cleaners.

why use captivates? A encapsulates?
In consumer tests, Captivates? A encapsulates consistently showed superior fragrance intensity — 3.5x higher initial fragrance bloom with activation from liquid laundry detergent and 1.8x higher fragrance bloom after 3 months.

Through our alliance with Robertet, we can provide a fragrance encapsulate designed for your application or we can create a signature encapsulate with your fragrance. 

Contact us today to get started. 

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